How often have you been reading a novel which has transported you to an exotic locale which you love when—out of the blue—that Kaffee mit Schlag you anticipate the heroine ordering in the Viennese Kaffeehaus turns out to be a “café mit shlag” in a “Kaffee Haus.” You’re ripped out of the story and are not a little annoyed at the publisher.

By the same token, how many times have you struggled to make sure that you’ve got every detail in your manuscript correct, only to be later inundated with letters from aggrieved readers from Québec to the Côte d’Ivoire chastising you that, when your protagonist described attending that illustrious congress of his peers as un congres illustré, he was talking gibberish about illustrated eels?

The Author’s Dragoman provides writers, editors, and publishers with in-depth, knowledgeable, documented translation services for dialogue, expressions, and words in foreign languages.

The Author’s Dragoman is run by Bill Walsh, a freelance writer, editor, and translator with a lifelong love of languages. Armed with a vast library of foreign-language references, fortified by formal study of a dozen different languages and informal study of dozens more, he will research your inquiry in detail, document the translation he provides you, and when possible, will have it checked by a native speaker of said language competent in the subject matter.

The Author’s Dragoman is not a translation service for entire documents, books, etc., but for the words, sentences, and dialogue that you require to ensure cross-cultural authenticity in today’s global writing market.

Please check out some of our references, enjoy our Compendium Errorum, and then contact The Author’s Dragoman and let us know what we may do for you.



Translation & Foreign-Language Copy-Editing Services

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