From the acknowledgements of Lion Eyes by Claire Berlinski

Moving right along, there’s my email friend Bill Walsh. I have never met him! But I do believe he’s the smartest man alive. Bill read the manuscript and kindly pointed out the spelling errors not only in my Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Russian, German, Hungarian, Spanish and my French, but in my English (that’s right, my own native language), my Chinese and – I kid you not! – my Kyrgyz. No lie.

[Reproducing an Internet chat with her brother, novelist Mischa Berlinski]

Mischa says: That’s insane! Could he just be making it all up?

Claire says: No. Every time I check the Internet, I see he’s right. Every time. Not just most of the time, not just “you could argue it both ways,” but every time.

Oh, Bill also caught innumerable embarrassing mistakes in my Ottoman history. And my Persian history. And my European history. …

Jonah Goldberg, Editor-at-Large, National Review Online

Bill Walsh has a top-rank editorial mind, encyclopedic knowledge, and an artist’s sensibility. He is a vital resource and I am loath to share him.

From the acknowledgements of Liberal Fascism

…invaluable editorial advice and German translations.

Frank Heller, Pegasus Games, Friedberg, Germany

As Editor-in-Chief for Call of Cthulhu Germany, I work with translators a lot, from English to German as well as from German into English. Bill Walsh has risen from their number in particularly conspicuous fashion. Not only does he translate (in both directions), he simultaneously proofs the content and knows many languages and cultures to such an extent that it appears unbelievably easy for him.

It's always also important for a translator to be linguistically gifted and that his translations read well. Bill Walsh does this so well that his translations often sound better than the original! He is not merely a great translator, but he meets all deadlines and is incredibly enjoyable to work with. For me, Bill Walsh’s collaboration has been an unqualified windfall. It would be scarcely possible to find someone better and more delightful to work with.



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Aaron Elkins, author of the Gideon Oliver mysteries and other mysteries and thrillers

If it's a question about language—any language—Bill Walsh knows the answer.  Don’t ask me how he does it.  I suspect there is no such individual as Bill Walsh, but that he is a collection of a hundred or so polymathic linguists from all five continents and most of the islands.